New Ordinances to Address Antisocial Street Behavior

On December 1, 2015 City Council passed the following proposal: 

Improve Conditions on Our Community Sidewalks

From: Councilmembers Maio, Capitelli, Droste, and Mayor Bates 

Create a secure storage facility for personal belongings; bins must be of adequate size, of reasonable number (estimate of 50 – 100 at the outset) and ensure reasonable access, with posted hours. 

Provide additional bathrooms in the Downtown and Telegraph areas. 

Provide mobile showers and bathrooms for public use. 

This ordinances disallows: 

Urination and defecation in public spaces. 

The placement of personal belongings on sidewalks and plazas covering more than 2 square feet or, for a mobile unit, no more than 6 square feet (i.e. a standard shopping cart), during the day, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (storage to be provided). 

Lying inside of planter beds and on planter walls. 

Personal items affixed to public fixtures including poles, bike racks (except bikes), planters, trees, tree guards, newspaper racks, parking meters and pay stations. Pet leashes exempt only as not prohibited in BMC 10.12.110. 

Placement of personal objects in planters, tree wells, or within 2 feet of a tree well to enable tree care and to protect tree trunks. 

In Addition: 

Ensure adequate public notice before enforcement, including direct interaction with persons to explain the ordinances, location of storage facilities, and location of services. 

Prior to issuing a citation regarding personal belongings persons shall receive an initial warning with information regarding available storage. 

Refer to the budget process extending transition-aged youth shelter hours beyond winter months. 

Make public restrooms available and well publicized. Involve BART in exploring possible locations. 

No ordinances will be enforced until the additional services are in place.