Traffic Calming Requests

Below is an outline of the steps, timeline, and process you will need to go through in order to request a traffic calming measure on your street:

  1. Check minimum criteria needed to qualify for traffic calming request/problem  here

  2. If criteria are met, contact Public Works Transportation Traffic Calming Division by either phone or email:

  1. (Dec 31) Submit a detailed written request form, located here, by last day of calendar year

  2. (Jan 1 -  Feb 15) of the subsequent year, Public Works Transportation Division staff will begin initial review of request

  3. If investigation moves forward, staff will then define the petition area

  4. (March 15) Applicants must submit signatures collected in defined area

  5. (Apr 15 -  Jun 15) Traffic surveys are conducted

  6. (July 15) Staff will determine whether the problem is a validated “significant  problem” based on data from surveys

  7. (Aug - Sep) If validated, staff will complete study and identify potential solutions

  8. (Oct - Nov) staff will meet with the affected community to select a preferred solution

  9. (Dec) Staff will complete cost estimates and rank the priority of the project

    • There is an annual budget of $50,000 citywide that will be applied to the top priority project, according to a point system outlined in the full text of the revised Traffic Calming Policy.


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