COVID-19 Info

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The following information is current as of May 11th. This website will be updated as needed. The City also maintains a COVID-19 dashboard, available here

Shelter in Place

Berkeley’s shelter in place order remains in effect, even as some statewide rules for retail businesses are relaxed.

Some parts of California have begun moving into stage 2 of the statewide resilience roadmap, which allows for the gradual reopening of lower-risk workplaces, including curbside pickup for non-essential retail.

When announcing these changes, state officials stressed that stricter restrictions are still needed in many parts of California, including the Bay Area, and that readiness to reopen must be assessed on a regional basis. While we have made significant progress towards flattening our curve, we still have work to do to ensure we will be able to contain COVID-19 growth as rules in our community are eased.

The regional shelter-in-place orders in the City of Berkeley and six Bay Area counties have not changed. When local and state rules on shelter in place differ, the stricter of the two applies. The following rules still apply to businesses in Berkeley:

  • Curbside pickup is only allowed for essential businesses and outdoor businesses, as defined in the Health Order.
  • Non-essential businesses may make deliveries of existing inventory but may not restock inventory.
  • Businesses are not permitted to serve anyone not wearing a face covering, unless they meet specific exemptions defined in the order.

Regional Health Officers will use local data to guide decisions on further easing of shelter-in-place restrictions. Specifically, they're tracking five indicators to measure progress in containing COVID-19 and ensuring we have the infrastructure in place to protect the community as we begin to reopen:

  1. Total number of cases and hospitalized patients is flat or decreasing
  2. Sufficient hospital capacity to meet the needs of our residents
  3. Sufficient viral detections tests are being conducted
  4. Sufficient case investigation, contact tracing, and isolation/quarantine capacity
  5. 30-day supply of personal protective equipment for all healthcare workers

These indicators are designed to provide measurable goals that will spur action on the part of the community at large, and complement the high-level metrics being tracked by the State of California.

Visit for more information on COVID-19, recommendations from Berkeley Public Health, and changes to City services. 

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COVID-19 Testing in Berkeley 

Anyone in Berkeley with COVID-19 symptoms can now get tested for free at a City of Berkeley testing site. If you have a health care provider, first call them to get tested as capacity has greatly expanded in recent weeks. Your provider will always be the source of any follow-up care or advice. 

Those with or without a health care provider who have symptoms can call a City nurse who will screen calls. We will test symptomatic children who are at least 2 years old. A Berkeley Public Health nurse will screen callers and schedule an appointment at our West Berkeley site.

Testing is available to anyone who has one of nine COVID-19 symptoms identified by the CDC:

  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • fever
  • chills
  • repeated shaking with chills
  • muscle pain
  • headache
  • sore throat
  • new loss of taste or smell

Walk-through and drive-thru testing is available. You must wear a face covering when you visit the test site.

You do not need medical insurance to get tested and will not be charged for the test.

City of Berkeley COVID-19 Test Screening Line

510-981-5380, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm

For more information, please click here.


The City of Berkeley Health Officer has issued an order mandating face coverings to prevent people without symptoms from unintentionally spreading COVID-19.  Many people have already been covering their face while in public but we need to do more to protect public health.  Face coverings need to be matched with other mitigation measures such as maintaining 6 feet distance, washing your hands, and staying home unless it's necessary for you to leave.  You can find more information about the new face mask requirement here.  

Here are some quick takeaways:

  • Face coverings required for customers and workers in essential businesses. For more information about business and customer requirements, click here. To help with compliance, call (510) 981-7530 or email
  • Masks are not required when you are at home, in a car, exercising outdoors more than 6’ feet away from others, or have a physical disability that prevents you from wearing a face covering. More information and exemptions here. Nevertheless, you should always keep a mask on hand, even if you are exercising. 
  • Make your own mask! You can sew your own mask or use an old t-shirt to make a mask.

Recreational Facilities in Berkeley

All recreation space is closed with the exception of open space in large parks. All play structures, basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, volleyball courts, and climbing/bouldering areas are closed.

For information on other closures or recreation, please click here.

Eviction Protections

If you are struggling to pay rent due to COVID-19, you are protected by Berkeley’s emergency eviction moratorium–but you must notify your landlord no more than 7 days after your rent is due. A template is available here. More information is available here.

Relief for Local Businesses and Organizations

The Berkeley Relief Fund has awarded $1.7 million to 352 businesses and 47 arts organizations to help them withstand the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Berkeleyside wrote an article about the allocation that can be read about here. There is going to be another round of funding available for arts and businesses so stayed tuned for more information.  If you would like to contribute to the Berkeley Relief Fund, you can make a donation on the website. 

Food Assistance

Alameda County Community Food Bank

Berkeley Food Network

Berkeley Food Pantry

Help Berkeley

How to Help

Donate Masks, Gloves, Hygiene Supplies, Goggles, New Thermometers, etc.

If you have personal protective equipment to donate to our firefighters, nurses, police, and others on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response, please fill out this form. For more information, click here.

Donate Blood

You can donate blood at 6230 Claremont Ave. In Oakland. Please check with the Red Cross website to see if appointments are available before visiting. 

Help Vulnerable Members of Our Community

A few neighborhood groups have created websites to help high risk neighbors in need by pairing them with lower-risk individuals (please keep in mind that everyone is at risk). Please visit if you would like to volunteer or need help. Another nonprofit aimed towards helping vulnerable people is Helping Hands

Support Nonprofits and Berkeley Businesses and Arts Organizations

Donate to the Berkeley Relief Fund. We will be doing another round of funding applications. 

Support Healthcare Workers

East Bay FeedER helps feed individuals working in hospitals.