Homeless Policies and Funding FAQs

What services does the City provide to move people out of homelessness?

The City of Berkeley has created a Housing Crisis Resolution Center (HCRC) to help homeless people and those on the brink of homelessness by conducting intake, triage, assessment, prioritization, and matching to housing in one centralized system. Read more about the HCRC here, and read the rationale for the HCRC here. In June 2018, the City will also open its Pathways Center.

To access a comprehensive list of homeless services in Berkeley, go here.

How much does the City spend on services for the homeless?

The City spends nearly $18 million in homeless services including mental health outreach, parks maintenance, police, shelter, transitional housing, rental assistance, case management, etc. A breakdown of those funds is provided below:  

  • City departments (police, parks, EMS, outreach, case management) ~$9 million
  • City funds-community agencies ~$2.8 million
  • Federal funds–HUD (supportive housing, rental assistance) ~$4.8 million
  • Federal funds–HUD CDBG (emergency shelter, HUB services) ~302K
  • Federal funds–HUD HHS, CDBG (shelter, transitional housing) ~159K
  • Federal funds–HUD Emergency Solutions Grant ~199K
  • State Funds–Mental Health Services Act ~320K