Housing and Homeless Services FAQs

The city has compiled a comprehensive document to answer frequently asked questions about housing and homeless services. In this document you can find the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the housing and homelessness strategy in the city of Berkeley?
  2. Who is homeless in Berkeley?
  3. Why has homelessness increased in Berkeley?
  4. What is The Hub (i.e. Coordinated Entry System)?
  5. What other services and resources are available for homeless people in Berkeley?
  6. Where can I find a listing of meals, shelters, drop-in centers and showers in the City of Berkeley?.
  7. What is Section 8? Rapid-Rehousing? Shelter Plus Care?
  8. Why is there an affordable housing crisis?
  9. What is the Affordable Housing Mitigation Fee? (Proposed version July 2016 version)
  10. What is the Affordable Housing Mitigation Fee? (May 2016 Version)
  11. How does the City of Berkeley ensure that below market rate rental units are rented to qualified tenants at allowable rents?
  12. What is the Housing Trust Fund?
  13. What are the funding sources for the Housing Trust Fund?
  14. How can I donate or volunteer to support homeless people in the City of Berkeley?

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