June 14, 2019

2019 Street Paving Plan

This summer the City is paving 40 Berkeley streets that account for 6.6 miles throughout the City. This summer's paving is on top of another 20 miles we paved since 2016, part of a surge in street paving that's been made possible by Berkeley and Alameda County voters.

Construction began in April. Residents and businesses on affected streets, which are listed below, will receive mailers which will have information for relevant contractors and city staff. The last of the projects is expected to be completed in six months.

How are streets selected for paving? Streets are selected for paving projects based on criteria such as pavement condition, type of repair required, cost effectiveness, budget constraints and road classification as an arterial, collector, or residential street. In recent years, we've focused on "arterial streets" - the ones that most people and buses use. As a result, paving those streets has the biggest impact. This summer, we're increasing the proportion of neighborhood streets paved to make sure those are also addressed. The Public Works Commission also provided input.

In Berkeley, paving doesn't just mean asphalt. Our paving plan includes the repair or replacement of nearby elements that need attention -- curb ramps, curbs, sidewalks, drainage inlets and pipes, gutters, street signage, and striping.  This increases the cost for particular streets, but saves money over time by coordinating all of a road's construction needs at one time. Integrating this work also improves pedestrian access and better serves those with disabilities.

How is the City funding these paving projects? A big part of the funding comes from two measures funded by Berkeley voters: Measure M, the $30 million streets and watershed bond voters passed in 2014 and T1, a 2016 city infrastructure bond, a portion of which includes roads. Other funding sources include Alameda County Measures B and BB sales taxes, the city's General Fund, and state gas tax revenues.

Summer 2019 Paving - List of Streets

  • 5th, from Harrison to Camelia
  • 6th, from Albany border to Gilman
  • 6th, from Allston to Dwight
  • Adeline Street, between Shattuck and Ashby avenues
  • Arden, from Panoramic to Dead End
  • Bancroft, from Prospect to Panoramic
  • Bonar, from University to Dwight
  • Burnett, from Mabel to Acton
  • Byron, from Addison to Bancroft
  • Canyon, from Bancroft to #67 Canyon
  • Carleton, from San Pablo to Mathews
  • Catalina, from Colusa to The Alameda
  • Cornell, from Hopkins to Virginia
  • Delaware, from California to Martin Luther King Jr. Way
  • Derby, from San Pablo to Mabel
  • Dwight, from Panoramic to eastern City Limit
  • Dwight Crescent, from 6th to 7th
  • Folger, from West End to Hollis
  • Hearst, between Shattuck and Milvia
  • Henry, from Cedar to Rose
  • Highland Place, from Ridge to Hearst
  • Hilgard, from La Vereda to Dead End
  • Jones, from Eastshore Highway to 2nd
  • Jones, from 4th to 6th
  • Josephine, from Hopkins to The Alameda
  • Lincoln, from Sacramento to Grant
  • Milvia Street between Blake and Russell streets
  • Modoc, from Marin to Solano
  • Mosswood, from Panoramic to Dead End
  • Murray, from 7th to San Pablo
  • Page, from 3rd to 4th
  • Panoramic Place, from Panoramic to #8 Panoramic Place
  • Panoramic Way, from Bancroft to Oakland border
  • Poe, from Bonar to Dead End
  • Prince, from Tremont to Telegraph
  • Prospect, from Hillside to Bancroft
  • Ridge, from La Loma to Highland Pl
  • Rugby, from northern city border to Vermont
  • Station Place, from Catalina to  Dead End
  • Vermont, from Maryland to End Above Rugby

The next City Council meeting is on 6/25 where we will be discussing the City Budget in greater detail. You can find the Mayor’s proposed budget here. I will be available on 7/8 for my usual office hours, 8-10am on the second Monday of the month at Cafe Espresso Roma on College @ Ashby.

Lori Droste
Berkeley City Councilmember, District 8

Want to request a City service?

Use Berkeley's online 311 form (either through the General Request form or a specific topic) or call 311 from a landline, or 510-981-2489. Please note that my office routes all the service requests we receive through this customer service center, so your request will be handled most efficiently by directly contacting 311.

Sign up for emergency notifications on AC Alert  and crime prevention/updates on Nixle.  

KidChella: Free concert series for  young children and their families

The music ranges from reggae and rock-and-roll to calypso and sing-alongs. Each concert will also have an interactive children's performance, a bubble station, and face-painting. This summer's KidChella performances are:

Sunday, June 22, 3-5 pm

Asheba - a musical storyteller who specializes in calypso, the musical and folkloric oral tradition of Trinidad, Asheba's homeland.

Live Oak Park

1301 Shattuck Avenue


Saturday, July 6, 3-5 pm

Andy Z - Andy engages children (and parents) with songs, banter, and stories that run the gamut- from educational to just plain silly, from dance songs to lullabies, from sing-alongs to finger plays.

San Pablo Park

2800 Park Street

KidChella is just one of an array of events throughout the year organized by the City's Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department, which organizes dozens of camps, classes and other activities for people of all ages. Get a glimpse at the Recreation division's offerings through the Activity Guide and sign up via our online registration portal. Call 510-981-5150 for more information. Bring your family, enjoy Berkeley's parks, take blankets, umbrellas, sunscreen, and maybe even a picnic snack to enjoy