Student/Community Relations and Resources

Talk with students and neighbors when you see each other outside. Say hello, chat, and discuss expectations, acceptable behavior, and responsibilities to the community.

  • This dialogue may help influence student behavior if they know what is expected of them and how their actions will affect their neighbors.

Exchange contact information with students living in your neighborhood.

  • This will allow for a direct line of communication with them in the event that they are causing a disturbance or if you would like to reaffirm their behavior (e.g. “Your party yesterday was far too loud. Please keep the noise down in the future.” or “Heard your gathering last night over the fence, the volume level was perfect.”).


Berkeley Ordinances Regarding Public Nuisance: 

Community Quiet Hours are 10pm to 7am everyday (BMC Ch.13.40)

Penalty for unreasonable noise:

  • 1st response - warning

  • 2nd response - up to $100 fine

Indoor Entertainment Events (BMC Ch. 13.46)

  • Any party or social event that has amplified music and is “open to the public” or anticipates more than 50 attendees, must be permitted by the City and inspected by a City Fire Inspector no later than 10 business days prior to the event. The purpose is to protect the health and safety of guests as well as nearby residents.

Public Nuisance and Second Response Ordinance for loud or unruly gathering or party (BMC Ch. 13.48)

  • Hinderance of the quiet enjoyment of significant portion of the neighborhood; gathering of ten or more people; excessive noise or traffic; obstruction of public streets by crowds or vehicles; public drunkenness; serving alcohol to minors; fights or disturbances of the peace; and/or litter.


  • 1st violation - a warning, public notice, and order to disperse the gathering

  • 2nd violation at property within 120 days (including same night) - automatic $750 fine

  • 3rd violation at property within 120 days (including same night) - automatic $1500 fine

  • Subsequent violations can occur and fines continue to increase.


Resources for Reporting Public Nuisance 

If you believe a neighbor is violating a noise or trash ordinance, you can use the following resources to report it:

- Call the Berkeley Police Department - Non-Emergency number: (510)981-5900. You can ask for an officer follow up during your call

- Create an online incident report with the Center for Student Conduct:

- If you has specific issues with Clark Kerr Campus disruptions, call the campus front desk: (510)642-6761

- You can also call the UC Police Department: (510)642-3333


Tips for Reporting

  • The police cannot respond to what they do not know about - if there are disruptions in the neighborhood that need immediate attention, call the police.

  • Be as accurate as possible when giving a location for the disturbance so no one is falsely accused of misconduct.

  • If there are ongoing disruptions (day or night), keep a log of these incidents so they may go into a report.


Additional Resources/Contacts

UC Government & Community Relations -

UC Office of Student Conduct -

Leona Chen, Happy Neighbors - [email protected]

Jen Loy, Government & Community Relations - [email protected]

Dylan Howser, NIC VP for Campus Operations - [email protected]

Officer Sean Tinney, Berkeley Police - [email protected]